KUWAIT Stamps and Postal History


Stamp SetIn 1923 the spelling of Kuwait changed, in postal terms, from KOWEIT to KUWAIT, something that happened prior to the issuing of the first Indian stamps overprinted with KUWAIT. However, Essays of the overprint using the obsolete spelling “KOWEIT” were prepared in early 1923 on all the original 27 stamps planned for release on April 1st 1923.

24 sets (two panes of 12) of the KOWEIT overprint Essays were made in settings of twelve at the Government Printing Works in Calcutta. All but seven sets were later taken from the Controller’s office leaving only 7 legitimate sets: A set of block of 4s in the Royal Collection, two sets sent to the then Viceroy and one set which the Deputy Director General, Rai Bahadur H.K. Raha, was permitted to keep.

A London dealer by the name of Roberts obtained one lot (i.e. pane of 12) of the Essays in complete setting and had them photographed before breaking them up. Each of these twelve sets was numbered 1 to 12 in pencil on the back of the stamp.
Type of StampDefinitive
Web Cat.E 2
Issue Date01-Jan-1923
Denomination1 Anna
WatermarkSingle Star
Sheet Size24 (two panes of 12)
DescriptionKOWEIT Overprint Essays - 1923
PrinterOverprint done by the Government Printing Works in Calcutta
CommentsThe date of issue is fictive and the date of printing is not known to the Webmaster.
CreditsNeil Donaldson - The Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia and The Gulf - 1975 and 1994 (supplement).
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